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Direct School Admission (DSA) is an alternate route for your child to get into the secondary school of his/her choice. Advocated by our Ministry of Education, all secondary schools in Singapore can now admit up to 20% of their Sec 1 cohort by assessing students’ talents instead of only their academic results.



DSA preparation at MindChamps is helmed by the team from MindChamps Académie of Stars (MCAOS), which has helped more than 90% of their students over the past 10 years get into the school of their choice via DSA.



The MindChamps Académie of Stars DSA Preparation Programme focuses on getting the student prepared in 4 ways:

1. Preparing to deal with the unexpected

2. Sharpening audition and interview skills

3. Champion Mindset: Developing the attributes and attitudes to ace the auditions

4. Talent Development: Honing skills and building a relevant portfolio

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