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"Introducing the best me!" 



for Primary 1-3

1 Day Holiday Workshop


About Champion Communication for Primary 1-3

Welcome to our June school holiday edition of Champion Comms for Primary 1 - 3. With this edition, we will introduce our students to some winning communication, social and life skills to prepare for their future interactions and interviews. The primary school system has evolved and gotten more vigorous and demanding over the years. Every year brings on new and challenging expectations which will rest on your child’s communicative and interaction skills.  


This one intensive day of learning focuses on giving students experiences that will boost their confidence and, also, to make them comfortable with speaking openly and humbly about themselves and their personal interests.  

The one-day workshop comprises various participative workshop sessions to get the students out of their comfort zones, to articulate their capabilities and passions clearly and to present the best versions of themselves – all of which require reflection and practice. They will be stepping up to speak in front of peers as well as experienced trainers, gaining more confidence, valuable experience and feedback. 

The Champion Comms for DSA Interviews program is led by MindChamps Academie of Arts Chief Creative Officer, Kuo Po, and Head of DSA Curriculum, Desmond Sim. 

Objectives and Deliverables



  • Understand their own abilities, talents and achievements, and how to speak about them 

  • Strategise how to differentiate oneself from the others (promote your unique self)  

  • Practice and apply what is learnt in practice-based workshop sessions - in front of peers and trainers, thereby building self confidence 


  • INTRODUCING THE BEST ME: How to make a great first impression! 

  • SAY IT RIGHT: How to get tricky words right and to avoid common pronunciation mistakes. 




  • LET’S TALK : How to be a great initiator of interesting conversations, and an even better listener. 

  • SHOW & TELL STRATEGIES: Talking, discussing, presenting and keeping things interesting, Training & practice. 

Workshop Details

Date and time

1st June, 10am - 5pm


4th June, 10am - 5pm


$240 per student

Maximum Intake

15 Students

To register, call/message us @ 9114 3218