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Training to “Expect the Unexpected” 



for P6 DSA


1 Day Holiday Workshop

About Champion Communication for P6 DSA Interviews

Welcome to our June school holiday edition of Champion Communication for Primary 6 DSA Interviews. With this edition, we are going to get our DSA aspirants to “Expect the Unexpected” as they sharpen their skills to gain entry to top choice DSA secondary schools. 

The DSA system has evolved and gotten more vigorous and demanding over the years. Every year brings on new and novel ways to assess applicants. This one intensive day of learning focuses on giving students experiences that will boost their confidence, deepen their exposure to different aspects of the school interview processes. 

The one-day workshop comprises various participative workshop sessions to get the students out of their comfort zones, to articulate their capabilities and passions clearly and to present the best versions of themselves – all of which require reflection and practice. They will be stepping up to speak in front of peers as well as experienced trainers, gaining more confidence, valuable experience and feedback.

The Champion Comms for DSA Interviews program is led by MindChamps Academie of Arts Chief Creative Officer, Kuo Po, and Head of DSA Curriculum, Desmond Sim.

Objectives and Deliverables


  • Understand the process of DSA interviews  

  • Strategize how to differentiate oneself from the others (promote your unique self)  

  • Practice and apply what is learnt in practice-based workshop sessions 


  • CV & Portfolio Preparation 

  • Introduction of Unique Self




  • Top Values Schools are Seeking in a Student  

  • In the Hot Seat: Top 10 (Tricky) Interview Questions & Strong Responses 

  • Elevator Pitch 

Workshop Details

Date and time

10th June, 9am - 6pm


$280 per student

To register, call/message us @ 9114 3218   

Maximum Intake

15 Students

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