Champion Communication for DSA interview

The Champion communication for DSA interview program trains the students from organizing thoughts to delivery of ideas with clarity to the listener. Speech technique, poise and the study of body language is included in this module. Auditions and Interview skills training develops our students to be unique and matured individuals to process and tackle any interview questions posed to them. Students are also taught how to structure their portfolio.
Students will be taught skills in improvisations in order to deal with unexpected scenarios. Being able to accept situations and problem solving with a positive mindset is integral in the training. Students will also learn to understand the importance of channeling their focus and energy in the delivery of the tasks.


This is a weekly two -hour module.

Technique of speaking

✰ Elements of a confident and matured candidate 
✰ Understanding what the panel is looking for​

✰ Mind Mapping types of questions​

✰ Know your USP 

✰ Expressing opinions

✰ Being reflective on learning journey

✰ Know what you want and why you want it ​
✰ Portfolio Preparation

✰ Audition Reel


Students can also obtain the following International Certifications before P6: 
✰ LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Speaking in Public Grades 3 and 4 

Students opting for International Certification will be required to take up extra preparation classes.


Aside from stage performances, DSA students can attend additional intensive programes such as:
✰ DSA Theatre Boot Camp 
✰ Theatre Slam 
✰ Champion Communication for DSA Workshop

These programes are optional with add-on fees.

Notice: June Holiday Workshop available! Click here to find out more or to register.