Interviews & Audition

Interviews and Auditions is the communication module of the DSA preparation program.  Students will first learn the proper technique of communication through speech.  Conversation skills are essential premise for interviews and must be learned to effectively answer each of the interview questions acquired through the years.
Students will learn what the interviewer wants to know, and how to best to present one's potential.
In the DSA Centre, we teach the students how to mind map the desired answers to daunting questions. 

Public Speaking

✰ Interview techniques 

✰ Tackling interview questions 

✰ Audition reel

✰ Hosting and Presentation

✰ Portfolio preparation 


Students can also obtain the following International Certification before P6: 
✰ LAMDA ( London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts ) Speaking in Public Grade 3 and 4 

Students opting for International Certification will be required to take up extra preparation classes.

Aside from Stage Performances, DSA students can attend additional intensive programs such as:
✰ DSA Boot Camp 
✰ Theater Slam 
✰ Acing the Audition Workshop

These programs are optional with add-on fees.