Creative Booster

Creative Booster is a class practicing the art of improvisation.

Life is Improvisation. Isaac Asimov said " To succeed, planning alone is insufficient. One must improvise as well." 

Creative Booster is meant for students intending and NOT intending to audition for theater. 

It prepares the students to "expect the unexpected" , to be spontaneous, and break out of their comfort zone.
It helps the students develop confidence and be creative under safe and encouraging environment. 
Together with the preparation for interview skills module, this combination is our methodology to aceing DSA! 

✰ Physicality 
✰ Developing Characters
✰ Developing Situations
✰ Tableaus
✰ Using of Props
✰ Receiving and responding 


✰ 1 hour - Creative Booster 
✰ 1 hour - Interview and Audition Skills
✰ 1 hour - Certification Program in Theater

Students can obtain the following International Certification: 
✰ LAMDA Acting

✰ Devised Drama 

Students opting for International Certification will be required to take up extra preparation classes.

Other Workshops 
Aside from Stage Performances, DSA students can attend additional intensive programs such as:
✰ DSA Boot Camp 
✰ Theater Slam 
✰ Acing the Audition

These programs are optional with add-on fees.