Creative Thinking

Students will be taught skills in improvisations in order to deal with unexpected scenarios. Being able to accept situations and problem solving with a positive mindset is integral in the training. Students will also learn to understand the importance of channeling their focus and energy in the delivery of the tasks. This is a weekly one-hour module.  


This is a weekly one-hour module.


✰ Improvisation

✰ Focused Exercises and Games
✰ Physicality 
✰ Developing Characters and Situations
✰ Tableaus
✰ Using Props
✰ Receiving and Responding

✰ Fostering a Champion Mindset 


✰ 1 hour - Creative Thinking
✰ 1 hour - Communication


Students can obtain the following International Certifications: 
✰ LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Acting

✰ Devised Drama 

Students opting for International Certification will be required to take up extra preparation classes.

Aside from stage performances, DSA students can attend additional intensive programmes such as:
✰ DSA Boot Camp 
✰ Theatre Slam 
✰ Acing the Audition Workshop

These programmes are optional with add-on fees.