You CANNOT walk into a DSA interview without adequate and efficient preparation  


DSA PREPARATION Bootcamp (ver 2.0) is an upgraded and revised program to GET YOU READY! Held in March 2023, this edition is for P5 students. You will sharpen your skills and learn what it takes to compete for a place in a choice DSA secondary schools of your choice with the talent you possess.  


This one-day intensive workshop will charge up your energy and laser focus your mind to deliver the best you. Have a go at an interview practice and learn how to improve your communication skills. Develop your unique strategy on snagging the coveted seat that will be crucial to your future success. 

This DSA Preparation bootcamp is suitable for all talents.   


The Bootcamp program is led by the original leaders of Direct School Admission Preparation program since 2010, Chief Creative Officer, Kuo Po and Desmond Sim. 

Objectives and Deliverables

Students will be better able to:         

  • EXPRESS themselves clearly and passionately 

  • TACKLE interviews with spontaneity and focus.  

  • PROMOTE their own skills and abilities more effectively 

Learning Tracks

  • Interview Skills & Strategies

  • Break Out!     

  • The Best of You

  • Video Self Introduction 

  • Interviews: Customise your answers to Top 40 questions

  • Test: Elevator Pitch

  • How Seat : Keep cool under pressure

15 March 2023
10am - 6pm