This module is for students who display a high degree of interest and talent in the literary arts, and who want to put in the solid preparatory work to apply for a place in Literary Arts through the DSA programme.

The programme will expose these thirsty young minds to a range of literary arts and inspire them to create pieces that form an impressive portfolio. The student will also be schooled on talking about creativity and literary creativity in a way that that will impress any interview panel. Moreover, the works created through these classes will show off the versatility of their writing and creative skills.  


This Module is ideal for:

  • Students who have a love of reading and literature and want to write

  • Students who want to go further in their exploration of drama and literature

  • Students who want to stretch their creative writing skills

  • Students who want to have a varied and impressive writing portfolio

  • Students who want to improve their chances of aceing the DSA Literary Arts admission


Modules taught:

  • The essentials of Creative Writing in Literature and Drama

  • Figurative language

  • Language of the five senses

  • Writing impressive essays – argumentative, descriptive, narrative

  • Short story writing

  • Fun with writing humorous, witty and entertaining poetry

  • Different types of classical poetry and how to write them

  • Writing speeches and MC scripts

  • Writing a monologue, duologue and short play script

  • Writing simple song lyrics 

In preparation of the students to audition using Literary Arts, we help the students build a portfolio of different genres in creative writing.  This course teaches the development of ideas and concepts to be expressed on the page.

Explore different styles of writing for different  forms, even scripts for screen and stage to see your work come alive.


✰ 1 hour - Creative Booster 
✰ 1 hour - Interview and Audition Skills
✰ 2 hours - Literary Arts


Literary Arts is taught by award-winning , Mr Desmond Sim, whose plays are being used by theater students at School of the Arts.  Learn the technique of writing for the various forms and genres from one of the  best writers in Singapore. 

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