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Our Music programme prepares students in voice and repertoire for auditions that require singing. Practising a classical voice placement is crucial for obtaining a place in SOTA’s music department, as well as in secondary schools recruiting choir members. Students will acquire a portfolio of performing experiences through active stage opportunities provided by Académie of Stars. By sitting for the international Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) examinations, students will also achieve graded certifications in music.


✰ 1.5 hours - Champion Communication for DSA
✰ 2 hours - Certification Programme in Music

The Music module consists of 1. Singing Performance &  2. Musicianship : Aural and Sightsinging.   

Singing Performance classes are individual coaching sessions with a private singing coach.


✰ Breath Control
✰ Projection
✰ Musicality
✰ Tonality
✰ Music Theory
✰ Aural Skills
✰ Solfege
✰ Sight Singing
✰ Repertoire Development


Students can also obtain the following International Certifications if they partake in examinations or competitions: 
✰ Trinity College -  Musical Theatre  
✰ ABRSM (Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music) Singing  
✰ ABRSM Music Theory

✰ American Protégés International Vocal Competition 

Students opting for International Certification will be required to take up extra preparation classes.

Aside from stage performances, DSA students can attend additional intensive programmes such as:
✰ Recitals
✰Champion Communication Ace your interviews with a Champion Mindset Workshop

These programmes are optional with add-on fees.

Music - Voice: Activities
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