As you may remember, when Celestine first joined AoS, she was quite a shy and timid girl, a very ‘kuai’ girl who was good in her studies but rather underconfident.

When she first mentioned to me last year that she was interested in theatre, I was rather surprised! Boy, was I glad that Karen McGregor recommended me to AoS.

Over the course of the last two years, I watched Celestine blossom into a confident young lady under the tutelage of a team of dedicated teachers in AoS – Teacher Desmond, Teacher Eugene, and of course, Teacher KP. The lessons were fun, engaging, and brought out the best in my little girl. She came home with a big smile every Sunday. Slowly but surely, I saw her emerge from her chrysalis into the beautiful butterfly that she is today.
For anyone considering AoS, I would say “Please go for it, you won’t regret it, it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your life”.

My daughter became more outspoken, more expressive, and definitely more eloquent. The communication, improvisation, and writing skills that she honed from her lessons in AoS put in her good stead not just for her SOTA interviews but also for her other MOE DSA interviews.

She managed to obtain two Confirmed Offers – SOTA Theatre, and Temasek Junior College (IP programme) English - and was also recently awarded SOTA’s David Marshall Scholarship.

And in addition,  I’m sure that Celestine’s PSLE A* in English is also thanks to her literary arts and communication training in AoS.
For all the good AoS has given to Celestine, I want to thank not just the teachers, but also the entire AoS team – Fiona, Ainee, Dannee. Thank you for your dedication, your hard work, your can-do spirit.

You guys rock! 😊
Best Regards,
Yvonne Lau 

You won't regret it

Received more than 1 DSA offer

Confident communicator of the 21st century – hearing this from Le Yang’s form teacher is such an assuring assessment.

Aces PSLE on results day is another reassuring moment.


Receiving more than one DSA offers take away so much stress and allows Le Yang to focus on just doing his best.

These are possible with immense thanks to Teacher KP and her fabulous team.

Training and getting examinations certificates are important and many performing arts school offer it.

The Unique X factor here is the public performance platforms and castings leading to  rich fruitful roles that built Le Yang’s confidence to achieve so much over the years.


He was able to handle the DSA interviews with ease and take the PSLE exams in stride; always happy and not stressed up.


Another huge plus point is full marks on oral exams both for English and Chinese till P5 and almost full marks at P6.


Oral is a big component to overall marks and it was certainly a great contribution to getting that A for Chinese which is his weakest subject.


Always grateful to Teacher  KP and her team for endlessly sourcing opportunities for the kids to perform and bringing out the best in them so they shine like stars.

Veronica Yeo

Creative execution

Kuo Po has set up an environment where kids feel safe exploring their passion and talent, surrounded by like-minded children and guided by Trainers who care about them and understand them, nurturing them to reach beyond their capabilities.

Bridgett Yeo