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Our Theatre programme prepares students in techniques required for monologues and ensemble acting.  Students will acquire a portfolio of performing and audition experiences through active casting opportunities. They will also achieve certifications from international examination boards in Theatre.


✰ 1.5 hour - Certification Programme in Theatre

✰ Improvisation
✰ Preparation of Monologues
✰ Ensemble Acting
✰ Scenes and Situations

✰ Developing Characters

✰ Character Knowledge
✰ Acting Techniques
✰ Stage Management and Production
✰ Presentation Skills

Students can obtain the following International Certification: 
✰ Trinity College,  Acting / Grades 1 - 5

Students opting for International Certification will be required to take up extra preparation classes.

Students are allowed to join in at any time, though they will be required to attend individual classes to catch up or receive direction in the repertoire/pieces.

Aside from stage performances, DSA students can attend additional intensive programmes such as:
✰ DSA Theatre Boot Camp 
✰ Theatre Slam 
✰Champion Communication Ace your interviews with a Champion Mindset Workshop

These programmes are optional with add-on fees.

Theatre: Activities
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